Tesla’s German plant to be phased in Phase 1 covers 90 hectares

Electric car maker Tesla announced last year that its European superfactory would be built in Berlin, Germany, and later confirmed that it would build in Glenhead, in the Berlin suburb of Brandenburg, after completing a clean-up of the forest at the site at the end of February. After the forest on the ground is cleared, the Tesla German Super plant is ready for construction, and construction is expected to begin soon.

Tesla's German plant to be phased in Phase 1 covers 90 hectares

According tomedia reports, Tesla’s German super plant will be built in stages,media have now disclosed their first and 1B phase of the construction plan.

Tesla plans to build four buildings at its Berlin Super plant, the first of which will cover 90 hectares, the first of four that Tesla plans to build and the surrounding area, as well as employee parking and roads around the building.

Phase 1B covers 63 hectares and will be built on the plant’s roads and a railway station for the transport of electric vehicles. Other facilities, including the battery production plant, will be built at a later date.

However, the first and 1B phases of the Tesla Super plant cover only about half of the plant’ area.

Previous reports inmedia suggested that Tesla would buy 300 hectares (4,500 acres) of land in Glenhead at an initially agreed price of 40.91 million euros, or about $45.39 million, which could change if an external assessment provided a different price. The land sale agreement was approved in January by the Brandenburg State Assembly Finance Committee and Tesla’s board of directors.

Tesla’s European Super plant, built in Berlin, Germany, was announced by Musk at an awards ceremony in Berlin last November and is Tesla’s first super factory in Europe to produce batteries, powertrains and vehicles, which are scheduled to start in 2021, starting with the Model Y. The first phase is planned to produce 10,000 Model Y vehicles per week.