Domestic Tesla Model 3 caught in ‘minus door’ lawyer says fraud suspected

Tesla, which had previously been on the road to localization, has been plagued by a series of mis-selling storms in the domestic actual delivery phase. Recently, a large number of car owners reported that the domestic Model 3 new car equipped with HW2.5 chip, and Tesla’s environmental information with the car list model does not match.

Reporters note that the HW3.0 chip reduction problem, has triggered a number of Tesla owners, car forums, electric car bloggers and other participants in the discussion, questioning Tesla China without the knowledge of consumers to reduce the allocation.

To this end, “Securities Daily” reporter first called Tesla officials, its response said: affected by the outbreak of new corona pneumonia, Tesla Shanghai super factory on February 10 began to resume production. Based on supply chain conditions during this period, some of the hardware installed in the standard battery-renewed model 3 is actually equipped with HW2.5. But as capacity and supply chains recover, the company has promised to offer free replacement HW3.0 services.

Domestic Tesla Model 3 caught in 'minus door' lawyer says fraud suspectedDomestic Tesla Model 3 caught in 'minus door' lawyer says fraud suspected

Domestic Model 3 “Wrong Edition”

Tesla responds to chip reduction challenge

It is understood that at The Tesla Autopilot Day in April 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk officially released a self-driving system called Autopilot Hardware 3.0 (Autopilot Hardware 3.0, or HW3.0). Stronger performance, lower costs, and low power consumption make HW3.0 one of the industry’s most flagship products. Musk has previously said at a press conference that Tesla’s new cars will be equipped with the HW3.0 chip after mid-April 2019. In this way, the domestic Model 3 should naturally also be standard with HW3.0, but the reality is not. Judging by the past year or so, Tesla has not been equipped with HW3.0 in its new cars, both at home and abroad.

Recently, a home-made Model 3 owner has been basking in his Tesla list. He said he was the owner of the Model 3, which he picked up on February 28. The vehicle controller in the accompanying list clearly marked the model as “1462554” accessories, through the vehicle information public information query platform, you can query the list of the vehicle “1462554” A note with the word HW3.0 is on it, but the actual installed accessory for the car is 11483112-02-E (i.e. HW2.5 hardware).

Similar to the list of cars and the actual car configuration does not match the situation, caused a great deal of controversy on the Internet. In an interview with Securities Daily, some owners said that as Tesla owners, tolerance for the brand has far exceeded the competition. The vast majority of car owners have been extremely tolerant of the details of workmanship, and what they really care about is the power drive system and Autopilot hardware. Unfortunately, the home-grown Model 3 has been a snub to new owners in both respects.

In response, Tesla said that at this stage, if there is no optional FSD function, the use of HW2.5 and HW3.0 Model 3 model smodel basically no difference. And for all customers who have chosen FSD, the company has installed HW3.0 hardware for them.

“Our intention is to provide products as soon as possible, while meeting consumer safety and usage needs. Tesla said it was “deeply sorry and understands the distress caused by some Tesla-loving owners and that we are actively taking steps to ensure the supply chain and delivery in a timely manner.”

Lawyer says fraud is suspected

Tesla promises free replacement

A source close to Tesla told reporters that the ECU 3.0 module in Tesla’s FSD (fully autonomous driving capability) was manufactured in China, and in the context of last year’s trade dispute, Tesla has several times applied for ECU 3.0 to waive the 25 percent additional tariff, which was rejected by the U.S. government.

“HW3.0’s failure to supply in a timely manner should not have been their intention, as HW2.5 is even more expensive than HW3.0. In addition, Tesla’s ECU 3.0’s Chinese supply chain has also been affected by the outbreak, so only HW2.5 hardware is available. The above-mentioned person told reporters.

Tesla sales staff in an interview with Securities Daily, said that the first model 3 came in when it was equipped with the HW2.5 chip. And the Tesla HW2.5 and HW3.0 chips are no different from the AP functionality level currently available. “If consumers don’t buy FSD, HW2.5 and HW3.0 are no different, even the same as HW2.0, and the company is committed to providing HW2.5 free upgrade HW3.0 services.” “

But there are car owners told reporters that the future AP will certainly upgrade some HW2.5 computing power can not reach the function, so that the gap will appear. “The fact that the real car does not match the configuration of the purchase list is inherently fraudulent. As for free replacement, and not to say that running one more after-sales time and labor, the most important thing is that just bought a new car to be dismantled and replaced hardware will certainly not feel comfortable. “

On whether Tesla in this incident constitutes consumer fraud, Beilong Law Firm lawyer Ma Xiang told reporters that if the merchant in the form of a false original price discount to promote the promotion, there is fraud intentionally and committed fraud, so that car owners into a misperception and reach a deal, ultimately not only to bear the obligation to return the money, There should also be liability for three times the price of a commodity. In addition, the relevant owners can choose to 315 Consumer Association complaints resolved.