Tesla ‘reduced’ event fermentation: Imported Model 3 also “in the middle”

“Tesla: Sorry, the label was wrong, re-posted. “Tesla Customer Service: This is a salesperson who is not skilled in the business, doesn’t say it clearly, it has nothing to do with the company. “A few days ago, the domestic Tesla Model 3 “reduced” incident, many netizens so quipped. Recently, dozens of Tesla owners found themselves buying a home-made Model 3 vehicle controller code that was inconsistent with the environmental information label with the car’s list.

They filed an activist lawsuit against the Platform, claiming “consumer fraud” against Tesla Shanghai. The owner complained that his home-made Model 3 was equipped with HW2.5 (autonomous driving hardware 2.5) rather than the HW3.0 (autonomous driving hardware 3.0) on the car’s environmental list.

“The delivered domestic Model 3 is not all installed HW2.5 hardware, the batch is not the same, and some are installed HW3.0 hardware. On March 3, Tesla staff told the Daily Economic News, “The owner can contact the sales person who docked the car to confirm that his vehicle is equipped with HW2.5 hardware.” If it is confirmed that hW2.5 hardware is installed, the company will provide them with a free replacement of the HW3.0 hardware. “

As the “de-provisioning” event fermented, a source said: “Tesla has stopped delivering the domestic Model 3 in March. In response, sales people at a Tesla Experience store in Shanghai said they were not currently instructed to stop delivering.

Not only the domestic Model 3, a number of purchased imported Model 3 owners also broke the news to reporters that they also buy models “reduced” situation. However, a Sales staff at a Tesla Experience store in Shanghai said: “We are now only notified of a free replacement of HW3.0 hardware for home-made Model 3 owners, and do not involve the imported version of model 3.” “

Tesla contract default?

In response to complaints from owners, on March 3, Tesla’s official microblog posted “Notes on The Issue of The Chinese Manufactured Model 3 EIA List”, saying that Tesla’s Shanghai Superplant resumed production on February 10, with some of the hardware installed in the standard battery-renewed Model 3 hW2.5 based on supply chain conditions.

Tesla said it would offer free replacement hW3.0 services to owners of the HW2.5 China manufacturing standard extended model 3 as planned as capacity and supply chain recovery. “Our staff will proactively contact the owner of the HW2.5 hardware installed to arrange a free replacement. The above-mentioned Tesla staff said that the current impact of the new corona pneumonia outbreak, the relevant accessories can not be supplied in a timely manner, even if the commitment to the domestic Model 3 car owners to replace, it will take some time.

Owners are mixed about What Tesla says is a free replacement of HW3.0 hardware for home-made Model 3 owners. Some car owners said: “Knowing wrong can be changed, good.” But more car owners say, “Tesla’s behavior is an admission of deceiving consumers.” “

As the main chip on the Model 3, the HW3.0 hardware is responsible for providing FSD (Full Self Driving computer) functionality. According to Tesla’s China website, the price of the optional FSD feature will cost 56,000 yuan. “We are rushing to this function to buy, if you know the domestic installation of HW3.0 chip, and imported cars only equipped with HW2.5 hardware, I believe that when buying not many people will choose imported Model 3. A Tesla owner told reporters.

However, according to Tesla’s explanation, there is no difference between the HW2.5 Model 3 and the HW3.0 model in terms of ride experience and safety if the FSD function is not available at this stage. “The difference between HW2.5 and HW3.0 is mainly reflected in subsequent related functional upgrades, such as identifying traffic lights, identifying ‘ice cream barrels’ (i.e. traffic isolation pile barrels) and other functions, only equipped with HW3.0 hardware can be achieved. Tesla staff said there was no difference between the two versions of the model, based on features such as the self-driving assistance currently opened by Tesla.

Reporters learned that HW2.5 used a computing platform customized by Nvidia Drive PX2 computing platform, and HW3.0 with self-researchIng FSD chip as the core of the new computing platform. HW3.0 achieves image processing capacity of 2300 frames per second, 21 times that of HW2.5.

For Tesla’s operation, the law believes that Tesla’s domestic Model 3 standard range drive upgrade vehicle “environmental information with the car list” noted the vehicle controller is 1462554 (HW3.0), and delivered to consumers 1465773 (HW2.5). Tesla replaced the HW3.0 hardware in production and delivered the vehicle with HW2.5 hardware to consumers, changing the delivery without informing the consumer. This is a breach of contract in a contractual relationship.

Imported Model 3 also “reduced”

“The imported Model 3 was mentioned at the end of last year, when a Tesla salesman told me that the car was equipped with HW3.0 hardware, but I found out during the experience that my car didn’t have the ‘ice cream drum’ recognition. “An imported Model 3 owner told the Daily Economic News.

In fact, as early as December, the owner of the imported Model 3 found that his vehicle had a “defit” and applied to Tesla for a statement, but three months later, Tesla has yet to come up with a solution.

Reporters learned that in a nearly 400 people “Model 3 imported cars” WeChat group, most of the owners are the same as the above-mentioned imported Model 3 owners. As of the press release, the reporter learned that the group has dozens of people to the complaint platform complaints, reports.

The above-mentioned import model 3 owners believe that the domestic model 3 car controller code and environmental information with the car list is not consistent, is the owner has solid evidence, Tesla did not deny the measures taken, they bought the imported Model 3 owners, perhaps because there is no actual evidence, That’s it.

This Tesla “de-provisioning” is not limited to the vehicle controller code and environmental information with the car list label inconsistent. There are car owners, “domestic Model 3 front armrest under the also reduced, from the mold into hard plastic.” “Even some car owners in Tesla officials micro-message asked: “There are door panels to change hard plastic things do not need to explain and give a statement?” “

The tesla staff told reporters that even if this happens, it is not as the outside world said “reduced”, only the use of different ingredients. “Imported high-matching model price of more than 500,000 yuan, domestic car only more than 30 million yuan, the price difference between the two cars nearly doubled, in a certain configuration there is a certain gap should be.” The ingredients used are certainly different from the different models. “

Not only did the door panels switch to hard plastic, it became “brown”, Tesla imported Mode 3 and domestic Model 3 workmanship also made many car owners can not tolerate. “The lift has been made six times in four months at the Tesla after-sales store. “The above imported Model 3 car owners told reporters that their car brakes, screens, etc. will occasionally appear strange, after-sales maintenance personnel said only to change the relevant parts, there is no other way.

Earlier, the reporter visited a Tesla experience shop in Shanghai, the store staff in the face of the reporter’s “window seal is too rough” “rough interior” and other questions, very frankly said: “We are so rough.” “

There is a view that the reduction will lower the expectations of Tesla’s potential customers about their products. “I was still thinking about buying the domestic Model 3, but now it’s okay, don’t be tangled up. “There are netizens said.