Tozhu monoantigen helps suppress key factors in new coronary inflammatory storm Roche emergency drug-giving epidemic area

Reporters from Roche Pharmaceuticals learned that the company has been urgently through the China Primary Health Care Foundation, has twice donated a total value of about 14 million yuan of tozhu mono-resistance injections to support medical institutions in Wuhan and other regions. Tozhu mono-injection (product name: Yamelo) was originally used to treat autoimmune diseases such as rheumatism, but was also used to suppress possible cytokine storms in cancer patients treated with CAR-T.

Tozhu monoantigen helps suppress key factors in new coronary inflammatory storm Roche emergency drug-giving epidemic area

Recently, studies have shown that the drug also has some therapeutic effect on the inflammatory storm caused by new coronary pneumonia.

Clinical cases have shown that many patients with critically ill new coronary pneumonia suddenly experience cytokine storms in the body, an over-immune reaction in the body. It can cause the patient’s condition to deteriorate dramatically in a short period of time. This eventually leads to low blood pressure, clotting disorders, vital organ failure, as well as acute respiratory distress syndrome, which is life-threatening.

According to the news reporter, from the principle, tozhu mono-injection is a leukin 6 (IL-6) antagonistic biological drug, although IL-6 is not the only inflammatory factor in the new coronary pneumonia, but it is an important starting signal of inflammatory factors, control IL-6 may help the control of cell factor storm.

At a press conference on February 15th, Vice-Secretary-General of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhou Qi said: “Researchers are sifting through some old drugs to suppress the emergence of inflammatory factors, including some drugs that have been shown to be effective in rheumatism and other fields.” There are some pre-proven drugs that have been partially tested for cell levels. “

At present, the first hospital affiliated with the University of Science and Technology of China initiated the “tozhu monoantigen in the new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) effectiveness and safety of multi-center, randomized controlled clinical research” to assess the effectiveness and safety of tozhu monoantigen treatment of common NCP (including high-risk factors of severe illness) and heavy new coronary pneumonia patients.

As of February 15, the First Affiliated Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has made 14 cases of critically and critically ill patients, aged 82, According to Zhou Qi. Now in a multicenter randomized controlled trial, there were about 100 patients enrolled in the group, including 94 in the treatment group and 94 in the control group. “If the initial results prove to be effective, we may accelerate efforts to provide effective treatment for critically ill patients as soon as possible in terms of compassion and humanity.” “

On February 19, the University of Science and Technology of China announced that its joint research team had made important progress in the mechanism and clinical treatment of the inflammation storm of new coronary pneumonia. His team found that leukin 6 (IL-6) and GM-CSF were two of the key inflammatory factors in inflammatory storms in patients with new coronary pneumonia.

In addition, the Chinese University of Science and Technology also announced the results of the first phase of clinical trials: 14 cases of new coronary pneumonia patients (the maximum age of 82 years old, 12 cases of men, 2 cases of women, including 9 cases of severe illness, 2 cases of critical illness), before treatment, there are two pulmonary diffuse lesions, of which 11 cases of persistent fever. After the treatment of the new treatment plan of “Tozhu mono-resistance plus routine treatment”, the body temperature of 11 patients with fever was reduced to normal, stable, and lasted for more than 7 days;

The new treatment is likely to reduce the risk of death by blocking inflammatory storms that in turn prevent patients from transitioning to critical and critical conditions, according to the chowled science team.

Roche Pharmaceuticals related people told reporters that the company received the State Council to respond to the new coronary pneumonia outbreak joint prevention and control mechanism medical treatment team coordination request, decided to Hubei Province and other provinces and cities in need to donate the tozhu monoantigen. Roche Pharmaceuticals has completed two batches of donations with a total value of Rmb14m.

On January 24 this year, Roche Pharmaceuticals and Roche Diagnostics donated more than 4.3 million yuan in cash and supplies through the Chinese Foundation. Among them, Roche Pharmaceuticals donated 1 million yuan in cash for the purchase of medical protection items urgently needed by Wuhan front-line medical personnel, while the company is urgently allocating more than 500,000 yuan worth of medical protective equipment, rushed to Wuhan. Roche Diagnostics donated medical equipment and reagents worth about $2.86 million to support the CDC’s research and research into the new coronavirus infection.

Since then, Roche Pharmaceuticals has launched a global supply chain resources, do its best to purchase and deploy emergency medical protection materials, and donated nearly 6 million yuan worth of medical supplies, and now all additional materials are being sent to the first-line anti-epidemic hospitals and a number of charitable organizations throughout the country. To date, Roche has donated more than 24 million yuan in cash, medicines and materials.