NASA’s Juno probe captures images of Jupiter’s storm merger

Jupiter often “performs all kinds of shows”: the gas-like giant planet’s rotating atmosphere changes and rearranges, according tomedia CNET. Recently, NASA’s Juno probe made some extraordinary discoveries in observation: two elliptical storms combined. NASA described the incident as “unusual.” “

NASA's Juno probe captures images of Jupiter's storm merger

The formation of snowman-shaped storms can be seen in the images, showing larger ovals connected to smaller oval storms. Both storms are counter-cyclone storms that rotate counterclockwise. Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is the most famous example of an anti-cyclone storm on the planet.

For years, NASA has been tracking larger elliptical storms. It has an “appetite” for other anti-cyclone storms, which could make it a “cannibal” in the universe. With the merger of similar cyclones, it became larger and larger.

The timing of Juno’s capture of this image is perfect, as storm merges usually take several days. “This incident has aroused the interest of scientists because the two elliptical storms were close to each other several months ago and then separated again,” NASA said. “

Juno’s Juno Cam camera took this photo in late December. Citizen scientist Tanya Oleksuik handled the images to enhance color, and NASA on Monday shared the story of the storm’s merger.