Microsoft reveals redesigned Windows 10 start menu

Recently, it was reported that Microsoft would remove Live Tiles from the Start menu of Windows 10. And the newly disclosed conceptual design seems to have confirmed this. As you can see from the figure, the new Start menu has a tile-based static icon with a further Fluent design style. Of course, as long as users still like, dynamic porcelain stickers will not disappear soon.

Microsoft reveals redesigned Windows 10 start menu

In the Windows Insider podcast, Microsoft demonstrated the inner concept of the Windows 10 Start menu, which is known to be replaced with icon-based, rather than real-time, tiles.

The new design provides a unified user experience that is more consistent with Windows custom settings. But to allay concerns, the company says dynamic porcelain stickers will not be completely removed and users who need them will still be able to enable them.

For example, the Start menu matches the mesothet in shades, and the new porcelain stickers have a background color and fillets. It seems unlikely that the new design will appear in Windows 10 2004.

Microsoft says the design team is “exploring the layout of the new Start” menu, which is still in progress, meaning it won’t be modeling for anyone anytime soon.