Windows Core OS-related information is ‘leaked’ again

News of Microsoft’s Windows Core OS (WCOS) program has been leaked. Microsoft is developing “innovative technology” based on Windows Core OS for hybrid reality devices, according to a recent post post post posted on LinkedIn.

Windows Core OS-related information is 'leaked' again

“We are looking for experienced engineers to help achieve exciting new mixed reality solutions. The Mixed Reality Synthesis team is working on innovative technologies related to mixed reality and Windows Core OS integration, and is enabling new devices and features to make your applicationwork work in real life. You’ll continue to face complex issues and challenges, and you will have to make decisions based on telemetry and user feedback. You’ll use code from kernel components all the way to the application framework and Windows Shell. Strong, performance, non-degrading, high-quality code will always be the most important metric. “

In addition, a Game Core test game based on Windows Core OS was recently discovered in the Microsoft Store, according to Windows Last. According to the report, GameCore will allow developers to build games that run anywhere, including Windows and Xbox.

Windows Core OS-related information is 'leaked' againWindows Core OS-related information is 'leaked' again

In fact, Microsoft hasn’t talked publicly about Windows Core OS, and basically all the information about this new platform comes from leaks. In January, Open Source China wrote a story about Microsoft engineers” resumes “leaking” Windows Core OS information and combing through previously disclosed information.