Falcon 9 completes static ignition test and will be “delivered” to the space station on Friday.

March 4, according tomedia reports, on March 1, local time, SpaceX at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station 40 launch pad to complete the Falcon 9 rocket static ignition test, scheduled for March 6 “Dragon” cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station. The Dragon cargo ship will complete its final resupply mission for NASA’s commercial resupply service and will carry 2,540 kilograms of cargo to the International Space Station.

The flight will be SpaceX’s fifth mission of the year and the 20th resupply mission for the Dragon cargo ship since 2012, and the last of its first. If all goes according to plan, the Dragon cargo ship will be in space for two days and arrive at the International Space Station on the morning of March 9.

Both the rocket and the spacecraft have completed several previous missions. The Falcon 9 rocket completed its last resupply mission of the year in December 2019, while the Dragon cargo ship had previously completed two resupply missions in February 2017 and December 2018, the third of which was carried out.

SpaceX’s Dragon cargo ship debuted in 2010 and made its first trip to the International Space Station two years later, the first time a commercial vehicle has arrived at the International Space Station.

After the rocket blasted off Friday night, the first-stage booster is expected to return to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in about eight minutes. If successful, it would mark SpaceX’s 50th successful booster recovery.