Goodyear announces latest smart tire concept to print tread from the inside

Mike Rytokoski, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Goodyear Europe, said Goodyear wants tires to be more powerful to meet consumer-specific travel needs,media outlet Techspot reported. It was with this ambition that we began to create a concept tire for the future of personalized and convenient electric vehicles. “

Goodyear announces latest smart tire concept to print tread from the inside

The tire manufacturer has come up with a number of ideas in the hope that it will make people’s cars run smoothly. Five years ago, Goodyear came up with a tire concept that could charge electric cars while they were in motion. Last year, the company proposed Aero, a two-mode system tire that is envisaged to be used when flying cars transition from road to air.

In the age of 3D printing, tire manufacturers will inevitably adopt this technology, which Michelin adopted in 2017 and is made of orange peel and wood chips to prevent puncture-through biodegradable tires. Now, Goodyear has announced a new 3D-printed tire with concept tires that can be printed from the inside.

ReCharge is a tire that never lets go, does not need to be replaced, and does not need to rotate. This concept tire uses renewable compounds and uses spider silk as an inspiration to enhance fibers. The material is very durable and fully biodegradable. Synthetic rubber is included in the wheels that can be inserted into the tire without removing the tire.

It works by containing a solution of compounds that will be squeezed to the tire surface through a small tube. Artificial intelligence controls the flow so that the material reaches only where it is needed. Once exposed to air, the compound cures into a rubber-like material. AI also stores driver profiles to create custom compounds that can be adapted to driving styles, weather and road conditions. It is not clear whether this customization occurred in real time or whether it would have to be replaced with a custom fluid from the dealer.

For now, of course, this is just a concept. Although Goodyear already has the required telemetry and algorithms, the compound is extremely expensive to produce.