(Pictured) Windows 10 optional update sits with another problem: can’t power up The game drops frame

In late February, Microsoft released an optional quality update kb4535996 for Windows 10 Version 1903 and Version 1909, primarily to fix Windows Search and print failures, with the post-installation version number rising to Build 18362.693 / 18363.693. However, many users feedback that this optional quality update has many serious problems that affect daily use.

(Pictured) Windows 10 optional update sits with another problem: can't power up The game drops frame

(Pictured) Windows 10 optional update sits with another problem: can't power up The game drops frame

Failed installation

There is user feedback that KB4535996 cannot be installed and displays generic error messages such as 0x800f0922 and 0x80070003.

A user in Feedback Hub wrote: “Windows Update lists this as an optional update, and I can click Download and Install.” It downloads 0 to 100%, then it takes some time for the installation to reach 100%, then asks for a restart, then starts updating on the blue screen: count to 6%, and then restart. Indicates that the update could not be completed, that the changes could not be undone, and that the troubleshooter could not find any reason. “

Random card death

Other users also indicated that there was a “random card-dead” option after the update upgrade and other performance issues. One user said: With the latest driver, XPS 15 installed KB4535996 after a random card death problem.

Cannot be switched on after installation

Another user said: “I just installed this update on my PC and I can’t start it right now.” A series of beeps (a completely blank screen) caused the BIOS POST test to fail. “

SignTool.exe (Signature Tool) Crash

Sign tool (SignTool.exe) is a command-line tool for digital verification or signature files. Many system administrators report crashes after installing this particular update.

On a PC running Windows 10 KB4535996, Microsoft’s Signature Tool (SignTool.exe) may crash and display the error message 1073741502. This has been confirmed by many people in the Posts and Comments section of the Feedback Center.

One user wrote: “After installing KB4535996, all my projects in Visual Studio 2019 failed to sign Authenticode with DLL, EXE or MSI using signature tools. Sign Tool is executed from the command line, or nothing is displayed when you execute PowerShell without providing parameters. “

Game FPS drop frame and audio caton

A Reddit post wrote that the quality update caused some games to drop FPS frames and audio cassons. “It’s not particularly serious, but my game frames are down about 10 frames and there’s an occasional caton phenomenon,” the user said. After uninstalling the cumulative update, everything is fine. “