NASA works with 17 companies to develop urban air traffic management solutions

NASA, well-known companies and many start-ups are pushing ahead with a plan to develop new air traffic in cities to improve mobility in urban transportation. If fully implemented, the system could play an active role in parcel delivery, traffic rentals, expanded aviation medical services, and delivery of goods to underdeveloped rural areas, the agency said in a statement.

NASA works with 17 companies to develop urban air traffic management solutions

Infographic (from: NASA)

NASA called the project a “Grand Challenge” designed to bring together companies that develop new transportation or airspace management technologies. Deputy Director Robert Pearce said in a statement:

Based on this, efforts can continue to achieve the long-awaited vision of small driverless vehicles offering services in urban and rural areas.

While corporate collaboration, the project also provides regulators with a window into technological progress with a view to bringing popular air transport delivery solutions in the coming years. Pearce added:

NASA, along with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), will be a key factor in the industry’s successful safety outcomes and looks forward to the challenges of the series in the coming years.

It should be noted that the signing of the agreement is only the first step in the multi-phase process. Initial testing will begin this year and is expected to peak in the official 2022 competition.

The partnership developed by the project can be divided into flight testing, airspace simulation, carrier communication, which will provide their own aircraft, urban mobility management services, as well as vehicle flight testing and other technical support.

As a senior air maneuvering project manager under NASA’s Aviation Research Mission Directorate, the following companies are involved in the challenge:

Joby Aviation in Santa Cruz, California

AirMap, Inc. and Avisio, Inc. in Santa Monica, California

Virginia Chantilly’s AiRXOS, Inc. and ANRA Technologies, Inc.

ARINC Inc. of Cedar Sidarapiz, Iowa.

Ellis and Associates, Los Angeles, California

Ellis and Associates in Palo Alto, California (a wholly owned subsidiary of Lacuna Technologies)

GeoRq LLC in Holladay, Utah

Metron Aviation, Inc. in Herndon, Va.

OneSky Systems Inc. in Exton, Pennsylvania.

Uber Technologies, Inc. in San Francisco, California.

University of North Texas at Denton, Texas

Bell Textron in Fort Worth, Texas

Boeing in Chantilly, Virginia

NFT Inc. in Mountain View, California.

Prodentity, LLC, Collales, New Mexico

Zeva Inc. of Spanaway, Washington