Amazon confirms that a new crown positive is being quarantined

The New York Times first reported that a Seattle Amazon employee tested positive for the COVID-19 new coronavirus. In a statement provided to The Verge, the company said: “We are supporting the affected employees who have been quarantined. “It was learned that the employee’s office was located in the company’s Brazil (SEA53) office building. Amazon has notified all employees who have been in close contact with the infected person.

Amazon confirms that a new crown positive is being quarantined


Also earlier this week, Amazon confirmed that two of its employees in Italy had contracted the virus and were currently in quarantine. The company has asked its nearly 800,000 employees to stop non-essential travel in the United States and elsewhere. In the wake of the outbreak, Amazon also had to deal with price fraud and misinformation on its platform.

Nine people have died of new coronary pneumonia in Washington state, the only u.S. place to die. In Kirkland, near Washington, the virus is spreading among residents of a care facility.

According to a genetic analysis, the virus may have been circulating in Washington for six weeks without detection. The spread was not noticed until last week, as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not tested anyone who has not been exposed to the virus.