NVIDIA new card rushes to 8000 core

Recently we saw two unreleased NVIDIA GPU cores in the GeekBench database, with 118 and 108 compute units, respectively, suspected next-generation Ampere architecture, if each cell is still 64 stream processors (CUDA cores), that is, 7552, 6912 stream processors.

Together with 24GB and 48GB of memory, they can tell that the latter is almost certainly Tesla or Quadro Pro Card, which could be the top-of-the-line Tesla or the RTX 3080 Ti.

And in accordance with NVIDIA’s practice of new architecture in recent years, we have reason to believe that 118 units are not all of it, 128 is a more reasonable number, that corresponds to 8,192 stream processors.

Sure enough, there’s a 124-cell NVIDIA GPU in the GeekBench database, which is 7,936 per cell, reaching 8K!

Paired with 32GB memory, it’s almost certainly HBM2e, which naturally belongs to the Tesla professional computing card family.

NVIDIA new card rushes to 8000 core

Obviously, NVIDIA is testing the core of different sizes, which will ultimately be chosen is not good to say, one depends on the specific performance, the other depends on the yield, cost, hopefully it will be 124 unit version.

It’s worth noting that the number of stream processors per unit varies from NVIDIA generation, 192 in the Kepler era, 128 in Maxwell and 64 at Pascal.

Of course, votla is already 84 units, 5376 stream processors, Ampere can only be more and not less, 64 per unit is still the most logical, 48 words total increase is minimal (unless the architectural efficiency is dramatically increased).

NVIDIA new card rushes to 8000 core

The NVIDIA GTC 2020 Developer Conference will be held on 22-26 this month, but will be moved online. NVIDIA often unveils new cores of the architecture at this conference, such as the Volta in 2017, but after two years there is no new core, and now is the time.

Of course, even if the new structure of the new card announced, it will be almost 100 percent Tesla, as for the legendary RTX 3080 Ti, basically impossible at this time of official announcement, generally to the second half of the year, and the current outbreak is serious, RTX 20, GTX 16 series and a large inventory to be digested, A new generation is more likely to be further delayed.