Farewell to open doors, Ford’s new technology prevents cyclists from crashing doors

In today’s road environment, traffic accidents caused by door-to-door killings are common. Also, since the doors hit are weakly equipped cyclists. As a result, accidents caused by the doors often cause serious personal injury to cyclists. In order to avoid such accidents, major automobile manufacturers are also actively studying the corresponding protection technology to ensure the safety of drivers and cyclists.

Farewell to open doors, Ford's new technology prevents cyclists from crashing doors


According tomedia reports, recently, Ford Motor Released technical documents show that Ford Motor Is Developing a special door warning system. The door sensor detects a possible collision and then sounds an alarm and displays a warning signal. If the warning system fails to attract the attention of the door opener, the system can also automatically prevent the door from opening and avoid a collision.

The new technology, which uses the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), can automatically detect cyclists or pedestrians and activate emergency braking. Sensors for BLIS are also used for the new door warning function. The system can analyze and understand bicycles or electric motorcycles that are approaching on both sides of the vehicle.

On the door opener warning display, the system can also display the warning message on the red LED light on the door panel, in addition to the existing external mirror blind spot monitoring reminder. Engineers are also developing an automatic door-no-door function that automatically prevents the doors from opening completely when the system finds someone behind them or a cyclist coming.

And after in-house testing of drivers and cyclists, Ford Motor Co. will expand its range in recent months. The test also takes into account differences in left-hand vehicles, as well as different road and lane settings, to ensure that the technology meets the needs and habits of road users in different markets.