Cheap and long? Ford says the electric car will have to wait a few years.

March 4 (UPI) — According tomedia reports, carmaker Ford said it will take years for consumers to truly afford a small electric car. Darren Palmer, who is in charge of Ford’s electric makeover, has revealed that Ford will not launch an electric version of the Fiesta because of expensive batteries and consumer concerns about range.

Cheap and long? Ford says the electric car will have to wait a few years.

Mr Palmer’s Edison team is the latest effort by Ford, a veteran carmaker, to tap into the electric car market with electric SUVs.

He points to the failure of cheap electric cars because consumers are generally dissatisfied with their range.

“Our vehicles are getting smaller and smaller,” he said. This is our plan, but you can’t start with a small car because you can’t offer them everything they want at the price they want right now.

“The cost of batteries is right there right now. It takes more to give them the range they want, the features they want. Battery costs alone can be higher than a small Carnival car,” Mr Palmer said in an interview.

Ford sold more than 77,000 Carnivals in the UK last year, making it the best-selling model of all time in the UK.

The company will also launch an electric version of the Mustang next year, with a range of up to 480 kilometers. The electric mustang starts at $56,000, compared with $20,000 for the carnival.

” (Customers) are very worried when the range is only one or two hundred kilometres. Only reaching four or five hundred kilometers will make them feel comfortable,” he said. “In our store, 80% of the cars are with longer ranges. “

Ford has announced plans to spend $11.5 billion on electric retrofits of all its models. Ford also flatly denied that it was trying to emulate Tesla. “People will compare, and we obviously know that, but the market share is only 1% at the moment. So there’s room for massive growth, and everyone has that space,” Mr Palmer said. (Chenchen)