Intel India employee infected with new coronavirus is currently quarantined

Beijing time on the afternoon of March 4, according tomedia reports, Intel said in a statement that its employees in Bangalore, India, “may have been exposed” to the coronavirus, is currently in quarantine. Intel is understood to have taken some precautions in India, such as travel restrictions, increasing the frequency of office disinfection, and working from home. “An Intel employee in Bangalore may have been infected with a virus and is currently being quarantined at the request of the government,” Intel said in a statement Tuesday night. “

Intel India employee infected with new coronavirus is currently quarantined

Intel also said it is closely monitoring the development of coronaviruses and is working to ensure that employees have “the information and resources they need to keep them safe.” “In India, we have taken precautions, including travel and activity restrictions, visitor inspections in all our offices, increased frequency of office disinfection, and working from home,” Intel said. “

Separately, government officials in the Indian state of Trengana said on Tuesday that 36 of the 88 people contacted by a 24-year-old software professional returning from a business trip from Dubai in Hyderabad had “some symptoms” of the new coronavirus.

At present, many countries around the world have a new coronavirus outbreak, and has brought great impact on all walks of life. In the United States, whether it’s technology, Wall Street, or Hollywood, it’s responding. For example, Facebook, known for its “socialization”, has even begun banning “social” and not allowing “non-commercial visitors” to enter its offices.

Twitter strongly encourages employees to work from home, and CEO Jack Dorsey will no longer attend the South westerly art festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, later this month.

On Monday, Google announced the cancellation of the largest cloud computing customer conference scheduled for next month in San Francisco. On Friday, Google canceled two more events.

Even so, it is inevitable that employees will be infected with the virus. Amazon has confirmed that an employee at its Seattle headquarters has tested positive for the new coronavirus, and amazon has notified employees with close ties to the company. Earlier, Amazon had confirmed that two employees had been diagnosed with coronavirus in Italy and that they had been quarantined. (Li Ming)