The star-studded 9-director’s new film will be a supernatural western thriller.

“Star Wars 7” and “Star Wars 9” director JJ Abrams are moving from outer space to the Wild West. Bad Robot, the company founded by Abrams, signed a $250 million contract with Warner Bros. last year to cover movies, TV shows and video games. It looks like the contract’s first film will be a supernatural thriller set in the American West, called The Pinkerton.

The star-studded 9-director's new film will be a supernatural western thriller.

At present, there are few details about the film, starring, release time, etc. have not been finalized, is still in the early stages.

Although the film’s official description is kept secret, the film will be a combination of supernatural and Western revenge, according tomedia The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline.

The film is likely to be linked to the historically real private detective company Pinkerton Detective. Pinkerton Detective series played a very important role in the 19th-century American West law enforcement force, and the U.S. government hired Pinkerton agents to hunt down criminals. Pinkerton, who until now has been in court, took The R Star to court last year, and Pinkerton Detective is the main anti-organization in R-Star’s Red Dead Redemption 2 game. The reason the R-star defendants used their names in the game without permission.

“Speed and Passion 9” screenwriter Daniel Casey joined him after working with JJ Abrams on “10 Cloveroad” to help rewrite the script.

Bad Robot’s latest big production is the third season of the HBO drama Westworld, which will air later this month.