New Energy Supplier emergency reins in: Tesla orders line up for May

On the eve of the 2020 Spring Festival, the new coronavirus outbreak has hit the consumer sector, which should have been driving the Spring Festival holiday. Guoyuan Securities Research Report showed that sales of new energy vehicles continued to decline, with sales of 44,000 units in January, down 54.02% year-on-year. In the face of such a bad situation, new energy vehicle enterprises in mid-February around the start of work.

Industry insiders said that in the short to medium term, the automotive industry will be the greater impact of the outbreak, the car market will intensify in the winter, and in the long term, the market demand for private cars will increase.

For the new forces of car-building, the entrepreneurial background of the Internet gene is now a positive. However, it is more difficult than full-scale resumption of work is also the simultaneous resumption of supply chain enterprises.

New Energy Supplier emergency reins in: Tesla orders line up for May


Tesla’s peak is not yet there, with half the work on the shop floor

On February 10, Tesla’s super factory officially reopened.

On the first day of re-entry, Li Ming (pseudonym), a Tesla battery line engineer, received three 3M masks from the company, in addition to which temperature stakes were required for each workshop to enter and leave.

Compared with the heavy workload of years ago, Li Ming (pseudonym) has less than half the workload and less overtime on weekends.

“The production lines that have been built are still working properly, but our team is mainly responsible for new projects, and even when we start, the suppliers don’t work. Li Ming told the IT Times.

Until now, Li Ming’s work has returned to normal, “suppliers on the grounds of the outbreak delay, the project is moving too slowly, the leadership requirements, this week’s new project must be put on the agenda.” “

New Energy Supplier emergency reins in: Tesla orders line up for May

According to media reports, the tender for some important projects in the 1.5 phase of Tesla’s Shanghai Lingang Super plant closed on February 25, including key structures such as steel structure production in the stamping workshop, which is expected to take only one month, which means that the follow-up project of Tesla’s Shanghai Lingang Super plant is accelerating.

On one side, the progress of new projects stalled, on the other side is the Tesla ace model Model 3 frequently came to the good news. In a recent “range mode” test, the Model 3 can travel 563 kilometers on a single charge, and the Tesla Model 3, which consumers favor, is also the industry leader in preserving value, using second-hand cars a year later. The price of a new car is only 5.5% lower.

“Affected by the outbreak, offline store traffic is not much, but the number of orders on-line orders is quite a lot, now orders have been scheduled to May.” Zhang Yue (pseudonym), a salesman at Swire Hui in Shanghai, said.


Emergency recruitment of car companies

Also back in work on February 10th were NIO cars in the first echelon of the new forces. NIO sources told the IT Times that NIO’s Shanghai headquarters has officially resumed work on February 10 in accordance with Shanghai government regulations, and priority is given to working from home. Regional and user services departments are on duty according to the actual situation and respond to user needs.

In the internal management, NIO temporarily set up a special working group on the prevention of new crown pneumonia, responsible for notifying employees during the outbreak precautions, understanding employees and family health information, preparation of office areas sanitation and protective supplies.

In terms of marketing, NIO has made some innovative changes, such as maintaining online communication with users through social platforms such as live streaming. Thanks to NIO’s online sales link layout, users’ options and car purchases can be easily done through the app.

New Energy Supplier emergency reins in: Tesla orders line up for May

“As an Internet-backed startup, NIO’s own Internet gene is an advantage that can be turned online very quickly in response to this outbreak. The people said.

In terms of factory production, the advanced manufacturing base of Hefei Jianghuai NIO also resumed construction on February 10 in accordance with the requirements of Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu and other local governments.

The person also points out that some of the inherent advantages of the NIO service system will be more reflected through a close user community. For example, under the condition of having a home to charge piles, the use of NIO’s one-click power-up, one-click maintenance services, can maximize the reduction of contact with others.

Compared with Shanghai’s car companies, the resumption of work in Zhejiang province has been slightly delayed. Huzhou Hongwei New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd., which focuses on the production of special vehicles rather than passenger cars, officially resumed work on February 17.

Hongwei insiders revealed that although all departments have started work, but the actual arrival of about half of the staff, Hubei nationality together with other key affected areas of personnel temporarily can not return to work.

Prior to the Hongwei has been discontinued for 10 days, after the resumption of work, began to work overtime to catch up with the progress, the current mine cart production line and low-speed car PACK production line have been resumed, production capacity is basically the same as before. In the event of a shortage of manpower, the two-day break is used to deploy from other departments.

“We will take the temperature during the commute and noon period, cleaning staff 1 day 2 to the office area disinfection, meals to bring their own tableware, central air conditioning stop use. Office form basically no change, is wearing a mask, work as far as possible to use the network communication. The above-mentioned people said.

February 24 is the first day of the resumption of work by Zhejiang United New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. Wang Gang (pseudonym), a front-line worker in the welding workshop, told the IT Times that the entire production line has not yet fully resumed work.

“The assembly, welding, stamping, painting four workshops have resumed work part of the people, the production line is still very short of people, in order to meet the demand for production capacity, we are ready to work overtime often.” This time the capacity requirements are more conservative, a slight extension of the working hours can keep up. “

In order to make up for the nearly one month of shutdown, Zhejiang Heu in the week before the official resumption of work also launched a recruitment plan, involving welders, product development engineers, assemblers, product quality engineers and dozens of other positions.


Supply chain or bottleneck

“IT Times” reporter from the source of information learned that GAC Group’s production line in Guangzhou has been resumed on February 17.

In response to the outbreak, GAC introduced different measures in terms of ride, dining and office.

In terms of transportation, for the staff who need to pick up and drop off from work, the transportation car arrangement number, the ride staff arrange fixed parking spaces and the number of cars and space seats, before boarding the bus, before entering the company to measure body temperature, to ensure that employees are not cross-infected; For support departments that do not need to be on-site, home office is encouraged, while the rest of the departments are returned to the department.

To ensure safe production, the company’s union issued industrial N95 masks to employees on the production line, while others used general medical surgical masks to ensure one per person per day, while also making weekend reservations.

New Energy Supplier emergency reins in: Tesla orders line up for May

GAC’s technicians are studying equipment drawings

Reporters learned from the official channels, GAC New Energy has implemented a single-shift system to gradually resume production. During the resumption of work, continue to carry out personnel monitoring and workshop disinfection and other matters management in accordance with the requirements of the company, take stock of the main material inventory needs in the workshop of each workshop, and inspect and test all production equipment to confirm that the requirements for resumption of production are met, and carry out the state inspection of the demand for resumption of production in the fields of energy supply, environmental protection disposal, fire safety, etc. Ensure that the re-production needs are met.

Although car companies can use flexible office to speed up the resumption of work, but because different local governments control the outbreak, whether upstream supply chain enterprises can resume work simultaneously will become the primary factor hindering new energy vehicle enterprises to catch up with the production progress.

On February 6, Beijing Mercedes-Benz sent a letter to the People’s Government of Wuqing District of Tianjin on the issue of re-employment. In the letter, Beijing Mercedes-Benz said the company only one day of safety inventory, if not before February 10, the daily economic losses will be more than 400 million yuan, but also asked the government to approve 19 suppliers also on February 10 normal resumption of work.

Hongwei insiders also said that the company’s main problem is still in the supplier, “battery this impact is greater, some companies have not all resumed work, resulting in insufficient capacity, delayed delivery.” In particular, the Hubei-based factory, temporarily unable to resume work. Another problem is that the logistics industry is less efficient, and what was available in the past 3 days now takes 1 week. “

According to Guotai Junan’s research report, the supply of upstream raw materials for the new energy and automotive industries is at 60%-80% compared with the same period last year.

Because the main production base of related lithium batteries and battery materials in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, part of the processing, raw materials links in Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Hubei only a small amount of lithium battery supporting production, the impact is small.

The overall rework situation of employees is lower than 60% of the same period last year, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta most of the time for re-work on February 10, some of the higher automation line of the diaphragm and other links are better, more staff demand links, employees to the job situation in general.

For downstream orders, the first quarter of this year is the off-season due to subsidy policy reasons, even if there is no outbreak, demand is only 60% of the same period last year.

Overall, the industry has had a limited impact. Ye Shengji, deputy secretary-general of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, also told the media that with the end of the epidemic, this year China’s car market will show a trend of high slower and high, the automotive industry pattern will accelerate optimization and adjustment.