Intel: 10nm graphics card will be available in 2020 with medium performance

One of the nine 10nm products to be launched in 2020 will be the most special, and that is Intel’s Xe architecture, which is intel’s first major entry after 22 years of the i740 graphics card. Intel CFO Chief Financial Officer George Davis also confirmed at a meeting that Intel would launch a 10nm graphics card by 2020, although he did not give a specific timetable, after rumors that the second half of this year, later in the year.

Intel’s first stand-alone will be the DG1, which will use the Xe architecture, which won’t change, but the performance won’t be very high,probably at a moderate level.

Intel: 10nm graphics card will be available in 2020 with medium performance

According to the previously leaked information, DG1 has 96 sets of EU execution units, a total of 768 core, the base frequency of 1GHz, acceleration frequency 1.5GHz, 1MB secondary cache and 3GB of memory, TDP is 25W.

If compared to the Gen11 core of the i7-1065G7, the number of stream processors is 50% higher, and the acceleration frequency is 1.5GHZ to 1.1GHz, an increase of 36%.

Presumably, the DG1’s performance is comparable to that of the GTX950, which is about 15% worse than the GTX 1050.

Considering that the DG1 unique TDP only 25W, and the 28nm GTX 950 TDP up to 95W, 16nm GTX 1050 TDP also has 75W, overall, the new generation of Intel unique has a good energy efficiency ratio, after all, is 10nm process.

After the DG1, Intel will also have a high-performance DG2 for the high-end market, but it is likely to use TSMC’s 7nm contract, anyway, the leaked plans are all sorts of chaos.