Revitalizing the high-end market? Foreign media: Qualcomm no longer allows SnapDragon865 phones to sell at low prices

In addition to Huawei and Apple, other manufacturers have released high-end phones without qualcomm SnapDragon processors, the flagship is a water of the SnapSnapdragon 865. Recently Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Black Shark and other companies have sent SnapSnapdragon 865 mobile phones, the cheapest also 3499 yuan, which means that the cheap SnapSnapdragon 865 flagship is gone.

Media reported that Qualcomm in the SnapSnapdragon 865 sales strategy has certain limitations, although it does not integrate 5G baseband, but it must be paired with the SnapDragonX55 5G baseband, not 5G baseband is not possible.

As for the sale price, 430 dollars or 3000 yuan is also a bump, can not be lower than this price.

The actual number of SnapDragon865 phones on sale is well above $430, after the cheapest iQOO 3 5G phone cost as little as $515, and the Xiaomi 10 series has already cost $600-900.

In other words, the price limit of 3000 yuan is not sure whether Qualcomm fixed, but the reality is that there is no price limit, the manufacturer’s SnapSnapdragon 865 5G price can not be said to be able to come down.

Ray has talked about the cost of Xiaomi 10 several times before, saying the SnapSnapdragon 865 is twice as expensive as the previous generation – and before Ray said the cost of the SnapDragon 855 would be 600 yuan, which means the cost of SnapSnapdragon 865 alone will be a thousand more easily. The cost is obviously very high.

Revitalizing the high-end market? Media: Qualcomm no longer allows SnapDragon865 phones to sell at low prices