Apple stores face pressure to change iPhones and parts shortages, news says

Apple has warned its retail staff that the iPhone used to switch customers will face a shortage of supplies in the coming month. In some Apple stores, there has also been a shortage of individual parts needed for phone repair, the report said.

Apple stores face pressure to change iPhones and parts shortages, news says

Apple has informed retail support staff that the iPhone will be “in short supply within two to four weeks,” the report said. An iPhone for a switch is an iPhone that Apple replaces when a customer brings an unrepaired phone to a retail store.

Apple said that technical support staff can mail affected users to replace the iPhone and can “provide a borrowed phone to ease (change) delays” as a temporary solution.

But in addition to the iPhone’s own shortage of supplies, Apple is under pressure to run out of parts. Where possible, Apple replaces individual parts for users instead of replacing the entire iPhone, especially for screen repairs.

Media speculated that the shortage was a “sign” that the outbreak of the new corona virus had led to a strained Supply chain for Apple. The shortage of iPhone repair parts is one of the earliest signs that the virus is affecting Apple’s business operations, andmedia recently reported that the iPad Pro is already in short supply and that international supplies for the iPhone 11 are starting to strain.

As a result, it was reported on Tuesday that Apple had restricted travel to Italy and South Korea. In addition, the company recommends that employees choose to have virtual meetings whenever possible and focus on deep cleaning of retail stores. Apple has also temporarily closed some of its Italian stores amid concerns about a new corona virus outbreak.