Facebook’s new AI tool DEC helps companies find and clear fake accounts

Facebook, which has unveiled behind-the-scenes tools used on its platform to combat fake account creation, said it had a new artificial intelligence method called Deep Entity Classification (DEEP Entity Classification, DEC) and it has proved particularly effective,media reported.

Facebook's new AI tool DEC helps companies find and clear fake accounts

DEC is a machine learning model that not only takes into account activity from suspicious accounts, but also evaluates all surrounding information, including the behavior of suspicious accounts and the pages they interact with. Facebook says it has reduced the number of spam and scam accounts by 27 percent.

So far, the DEC has helped Facebook block more than 6.5 billion fake accounts that fraudsters and other malicious actors created or tried to create last year. The vast majority of these accounts are actually discovered during the creation of accounts, and even those that are passed are often discovered by Facebook’s automated system before real users report them.

However, Facebook estimates that about 5 percent of the 2.89 billion monthly active users on the platform are now fake accounts that Facebook believes violate its terms of service.

As the 2020 U.S. presidential election approaches, DEC is critical for Facebook. Promoting spam and trying to trick users is just one aspect of Facebook’s fake account problem. The company has acknowledged that foreign powers from Iran, Russia and elsewhere are committed to using social platforms to influence news coverage, voting and other overall election matters. Over time, these operations become more complex.

Last year, Facebook and Twitter shut down a vast network of fake accounts that used artificial intelligence tools to generate real profile photos, and they promoted the spread of pro-Trump messages on social media platforms. Because photos are generated by neural networks, it is difficult to identify whether they are fake. THE ARRIVAL OF THE DEC WILL UNDOUBTEDLY BRING A RIGHT-HAND MAN TO FACEBOOK, BUT THE COMPANY ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THE SOLUTION NEEDS TO BE REFINED TO ENSURE IT IS EFFECTIVELY RESPONDING TO THE CHANGING STRATEGIES OF SPAMMERS.