NASA finally unveils official name for Mars 2020 Mars rover

NASA’s Mars 2020 mission will be historic in many ways, and like other missions, the agency has done its best to get the public involved,media BGR reported. A race to name the Mars 2020 rover has been going on for several months, and the K-12 student entries have been reviewed several rounds, before the final list of candidates for the rover is reduced to nine.

NASA finally unveils official name for Mars 2020 Mars rover

Now, as the launch mission approaches, NASA is finally ready to announce the winner of the race and the name of the new Mars rover. That’s important, so NASA will go all out and host a live event on NASA’s streaming channel on March 5.

NASA has previously said it has received about 28,000 essays. Each essay includes a suggested name and a short article explaining why students think the name is appropriate for the task. About 4,700 volunteers volunteered as referees, and entries were slowly screened until only 155 semi-finalists remained. The second round of the jury only made nine finalists. The nine finalists are then voted on by the public, and NASA will choose the eventual winner.

Here are the names of the nine finalists and their proposals:

Endurance, K-4, Oliver Jacobs, Virginia

Tenacity, K-4, EamonReilly, Pennsylvania

Promise, K-4, Amira Shanshiry, Massachusetts

Perseverance, 5-8, Alexander Mather, Va.

Vision, 5-8, Hadley Green, Mississippi

Clarity, 5-8, Nora Benitez, California

Ingenuity, 9-12, Vaneeza Rupani, Alabama

Fortitude, 9-12, Anthony Yoon, Oklahoma

Courage, 9-12, Tori Gray, Louisiana

NASA will broadcast live on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to finally reveal the results. People can also watch the event through the NASA TV website. The event will begin at 1:30 p.m. EST on Thursday, March 5.