The outer edge of the Milky Way is “warping” in a strange way, astronomers can’t explain why.

Astronomers have tools to look at what’s happening in the Milky Way, and one of those changes is confusing astronomers: the edges of the Milky Way are “warping,” according tomedia BGR. The outer edge of the Milky Way is “warping” in strange ways, and researchers are doing their best to explain the phenomenon.

Using data collected by the European Space Agency’s Gaia satellite, astronomers have studied the edge of the “warped” Milky Way in detail and begun to test the theory of existence. Some theories seem reasonable at first, but they do not hold up in further research. As the Futurism report points out, one theory suggests that the inner galaxy rotates at an angle relative to the outer edge, causing the edge of the Milky Way to oscillate and fluctuate. However, comparing the rotation altogether and warping motion between the various regions of the Milky Way seem to call this theory into question.

Now, the best guess for astronomers right now is that our milky galaxy is going to devour a lot of things. A much smaller galaxy orbiting the Milky Way may eventually be the cause of the “warping” phenomenon observed by scientists. Scientists believe that the dwarf galaxy Sagittarius may be responsible for this phenomenon.