Is the Marvel version of “Justice League” coming? Expected to appear in Rocky.

Recently, according tomedia reports, Marvel comics superhero team to high school team is likely to appear in the Disney-plus-line TV series “Rocky.” To the high school team is Marvel tribute to DC’s Justice League created by the super-British team, located in the world is Earth-712, each member of the team and Justice League characters, such as The Head of The Dragon corresponding superman, Power Princess corresponding to Wonder Woman, Nighthawk to Batman and so on.

Not only that, but even the character’s background settings are almost the same, the corresponding Superman’s Hebron is a super-capable alien, as a child landed on Earth, and then adopted by Mother Earth, and Superman as kind. Nighthawk was a wealthy businessman who began a life of fighting crime after his parents were killed.

It is reported that the TV series “Rocky” will be in the spring of 2021 on Disney streaming platform Disney Plus.