Twitter announces crackdown on hate speech surrounding the new corona virus

Last year, Twitter expanded its rules on hate speech to include hate speech against religious groups. Twitter said Thursday that it is continuing to expand the rules to include hate speech based on age, disability or illness. Twitter’s move is timely after the recent outbreak of the new corona virus led some people to post hate speech and even racist comments about it.

Twitter announces crackdown on hate speech surrounding the new corona virus

Twitter said news of the rule violation sits by Thursday will be deleted, but the account will not be blocked. Any news released thereafter must comply with the new rules.

“We are constantly evaluating the rules to make Twitter more secure,” said twitter security officials. Last year, we updated our hate behavior policy to address hate speech, with the initial protection target being religious groups. Now we will expand to three other goals: age, illness and disability. “

One of the main problems with Twitter’s hate policy has been that Twitter’s official review is struggling to keep up because users post too many messages. As a result, the company relies on allowing users to flag suspicious messages, which means that the response to hate speech is reactive rather than proactive. Twitter has also come under fire.

In thursday’s statement, Twitter acknowledged the problems bluntly. The company said it was conducting more in-depth training of auditors and extending testing periods to ensure that auditors better understand how and when to act and how to protect these marginalized groups. Twitter has also set up a “Trust and Security Council” to better understand the nuances and backgrounds of race, ethnicity and nationality.