TikTok warns users not to post ‘skullbreaker challenge’ content

According tomedia Outlet Techspot, tikTok, an overseas version of The Sound, has been forced to warn users not to take part in challenges that could seriously hurt or even kill them. The app, which lets people create short videos of 15 seconds, says it will remove any content that encourages or copies the Skull-Breaker Challenge.

TikTok warns users not to post 'skullbreaker challenge' content

The pranks, which were mainly carried out by teenagers, involved two people tricking someone into standing side by side with them and then jumping into the air when the victim’s feet were kicked off and fell to the floor, giving the name “the person who broke the skull.”

The challenge has led to the admission of a teenager to hospital with a seizure caused by a head injury and concussion, triggered by a prank by two 13-year-olds. Two seventh graders have been charged with aggravated assault and third-degree endangerment of the injured victim. The challenge also left a British girl with serious spinal injuries and is currently in hospital.

TikTok warns users not to post 'skullbreaker challenge' content

“The safety of users is TikTok’s top priority and we do not allow the posting of content that encourages or replicates dangerous challenges that may lead to injury,” TikTok wrote in an updated post. In fact, this violates our community guidelines, and we will continue to remove such content from the platform. More importantly, we encourage everyone to be cautious when they go online. No one wants their friends or family to get hurt while filming a video or trying a stunt. It’s not funny – and since we’ve removed this kind of content, it certainly won’t make you an online celebrity on TikTok. The company also encourages users to report videos showing the “SkullBreaker Challenge.”