(Pictured) SpaceX opens space station 10 days next year: $55 million for one ticket

SpaceX announced Thursday that it plans to send three passengers to the International Space Station at some point in the second half of 2021 for a 10-day trip. This is the second time this year that SpaceX has announced a major space tour that will take passengers to the space station using the Falcon 9 rocket and its new Crew Dragon spacecraft.

(Pictured) SpaceX opens space station 10 days next year: $55 million for one ticket

Space Vacation is part of a deal signed between SpaceX and Houston start-up Axiom Space that will provide all the logistics of the trip for three private citizens. Although seven private citizens have visited the International Space Station (one of whom has even visited twice), the visit will be the first full private visit to the INTERNATIONAL Space Station.

Axiom Space is the supplier of the International Space Station’s first commercial residential module module module. As a start-up founded in 2016, its modules will be used for future commercial space missions to support experimental and technological development. Space travelers can use SpaceX Dragon crew capsules or Boeing’s Starliner to board space.

Passengers are expected to spend two days on and off the station and eight days with the astronauts. Tickets sold for up to $55 million and a seat has now been booked, the New York Times reported. The trip became possible last year after NASA announced it would begin opening UP ISS to more commercial activities such as space travel.

Just last month, SpaceX announced it would partner with Space Adventures, a space travel company, to put up to four private citizens into Earth orbit sometime in late 2021 or early 2022.