(Pictured) NVIDIA announces acquisition of data storage and management company SwiftStack

NVIDIA announces acquisition of SwiftStack. The latter is a software-centric data storage and management platform that supports public cloud, on-premises, and edge deployments. The company’s existing product line is dedicated to improving support for artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and accelerated computing workloads, which is undoubtedly nVIDIA’s most interesting area.

(Pictured) NVIDIA announces acquisition of data storage and management company SwiftStack

Photo by SwiftStack

“It’s exciting to build an AI supercomputer for the entire SwiftStack team,” SwiftStack co-founder and chief financial officer Joe Arnold said in today’s announcement. We are excited to work with NVIDIA’s talented people and look forward to contributing to its world-leading accelerated computing solutions. “

Neither company has disclosed a price, but SwiftStack has previously raised about $23.6 million in round A and B financing, led by Mayfield Fund and OpenView Venture Partners. Other investors include VentureStorms and UMC Capital.

SwiftStack was founded in 2011 and initially focused on OpenStack development. OpenStack is a large open source project designed to provide enterprises with an AWS-like management experience in their own data centers. The company is one of the largest contributors to the OpenStack Swift object storage platform and has many services to do so.

But in recent years, the company has been watering down OpenStack’s relationship as the OpenStack platform has become less popular in many vertical areas. SwiftStack offers customers including PayPal, Rogers, data center providers DC Blox, Snapfish and Verizon, and NVIDIA is one of them.

SwiftStack noted that its team will continue to maintain an existing set of open source tools, such as Swift, ProxyFS, 1space Controller and Controller. “SwiftStack’s technology is already a key part of NVIDIA GPU-driven AI infrastructure, and this acquisition will enhance what we do for you,” Arnold said.