Researchers warn Kilos are becoming the internet’s Google search engine

Kilos isn’t just a measure of weight, because a gray search engine also uses the name. In a recent blog post, Digital Shadows noted that the search engine is “becoming a Google in the Internet mafia.” Kilos is understood to have evolved from the earlier Grams search engine, and its page style is clearly mimicking Google.

Researchers warn Kilos are becoming the internet's Google search engine

Shadow Digital researchers believe that since its launch at the end of 2019, Kilos has indexed more platforms than Grams ever before and enhanced search capabilities.

Kilos, for example, allows for more accurate searches in the six dark web markets, with advanced filtering to create finequery conditions that are far superior to Grams.

The search engine also seems to be operating in a non-commercial mode, such as using verification codes to ensure its own security.

Researchers warn Kilos are becoming the internet's Google search engine

Since appearing in the researchers’ line of sight, Kilos has implemented many updates and added a number of new features and services.

The updated search algorithm allows for faster queries and an ad system that allows users to bid directly on the list.

It has even introduced its own cryptocurrencies to anonymize transactions and allow users to communicate directly with site administrators, or to allow users to talk to each other.

For in-depth analysis of the Kilos search engine, move to the Digital Shadows blog.