Disney Research unveils robotic system with fast handover capability

When two people talk, and one wants to give something to the other, the handover process is completed quickly and smoothly. This is not the case for most robots. Disney Research has unveiled a new system that it says allows robots to hand things over quickly and reliably.

Disney says it has developed a new robotic system that can achieve and exceed the speed at which humans can hand over objects, and believes that potential customers of the robot system prefer the speed at which objects are hand-over between humans. The disney institute designed the system to have a robot character appearance. The test device has a bear-like head and a soft, man-like part.

The robot uses the Bezier curve for smooth and minimal jitter motion. Fast timing is achieved due to low latency motion capture and real-time trajectory generation. The system allows the robot to move to the desired handover position and dynamically update the trajectory to move smoothly to the actual handover position. Although Disney Research has not specified the purpose of these robots, we can imagine them greeting guests around the meme parks to replace human waiters in cartoon costumes.


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