Zen4 debuts 5nm AMD CPU process advantage at least until 2022

AMD today announced too much good news, are a bit dazzling, last year is the CPU, GPU upgrade 7nm at the same time, in 2020 although there will be no new process, but the CPU, GPU architecture is also fully upgraded. For AMD, the biggest change in the past two years is the CPU process, with TSMC’s 7nm mass production, AMD foundry from GF to TSMC this step is the bet, to ensure that the Zen processor roadmap can be long-term stable development.

Today AMD officially has the Zen4 architecture and has also confirmed that it will use the 5nm process, which will be the first 5nm X86 processor.

At the analyst conference, AMD also compared the processes of its own CPU to those of its competitors, noting that AMD will maintain its process advantage until 2022.

Zen4 debuts 5nm AMD CPU process advantage at least until 2022

AMD’s comparison data doesn’t mention the name of a friend, but we all know who it is, and the comparison indicator is also transistor density and performance-per-watt ratio, which is one of the key indicators of CPU technology.

Zen4 debuts 5nm AMD CPU process advantage at least until 2022

In terms of transistor density, the friendly business in 14nm is certainly no advantage, but 10nm node simen fast, AMD can use 7nm barely reach 100 million transistors / mm2, the 10nm node of the friendly company has such a level.

AMD will turn to 5nm after 7nm, TSMC says transistor density increases by 80% and friends turn to 7nm after 10nm, although key parameters of 7nm are not disclosed.

By 2022, AMD will be 5nm, and the company will still be 7nm by this time, and AMD’s PPT shows that they still have a small advantage in transistor density.

As for the performance-per-watt ratio, the speed of the friendly chase is even higher than the transistor density, AMD uses 7nm compared to 10nm has a certain advantage, but by 2022 the two companies per watt performance ratio is almost the same.

From the technical point of view, AMD on the strength of friends or business is still sober, although in recent years in 14nm, 10nm nodes behind some, but the performance, density advantages can not be ignored, the gap between the two sides will be rapidly narrowed in 2022.

Of course, in 2022 AMD is definitely not behind, overall still has a small advantage, but there will be no more 7nm vs. 14nm such a clear drop.

Zen4 debuts 5nm AMD CPU process advantage at least until 2022

In addition to the CPU process, AMD will also accelerate in the packaging process, although they are leading in the MCM multimode package, Chiplets small chip design, but in the 2.5D/3D package, AMD is actually behind the EMIB, Foveros package.

Of course, although the 3D packaging technology of friends is advanced, but in the actual progress is not satisfactory, the real landing of the products are few, and now also Lakefield this one, AMD chase still has a chance.

AMD has now also announced a new generation of X3D packages, a mix of 2.5D and 3D packages, with a 10x increase in bandwidth density, though details are not yet available, details and release times have yet to be announced.