Southwest Airlines delays re-flight of Boeing 737 Max

On November 8th, local time, Southwest Airlines issued a statement saying it had delayed the resumption of the Boeing 737 Max by a month. The Boeing 737 Max caused two fatal crashes in six months, killing 346 people. In a statement, Southwest Said it was not clear when the current aircraft would pass validation because of the delay. The company currently has a re-entry date of early March 2020.


Southwest Airlines will cancel about 175 planned flights a day for this purpose, according to the data. Southwest Airlines had previously planned to resume flying Boeing 737 Max after February 8, 2020.

Boeing now faces a number of charges, including deliberately concealing the 737 Max and refusing to ground the aircraft as a result of the two crashes.

In the wake of the Ethiopian Airlines crash on March 10 this year, air traffic control units around the world have banned the flight of Boeing 737 Max aircraft. Boeing is now trying to re-bring the 737 Max to safety standards, including through software upgrades.

On October 29-30, Boeing CEO Michael Mienberg went to a congressional hearing to publicly admit that the company had “made a mistake.”

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