Official confirmation of AMD’s next-generation public version of the graphics card will be used to use “gas stove” cooling

Over the years, NVIDIA, AMD public graphics card are using closed turbofan cooling scheme, the advantage is strong cooling capacity, the disadvantage is that the noise is too loud, so the non-public version almost never use this scheme. Since the RTX 20 era, NVIDIA’s public card has turned to an open cooling scheme for dual fans, which players nickname “gas stoves.”

At the FAD 2020 Analysis Conference, AMD showed a very different graphics design, typically black with red trim and AMD LOGO on top, but equipped with two open fans and a gas stove, except that the fan was not as prominent as the RTX 20 series.

Is the A card changing, too?

Scott Herkelman, AMD’s vice president and general manager of Radeon’s business unit, later confirmed in an interaction with users that AMD’s next-generation public graphics card would abandon the turbofan solution.

He didn’t specify who the “next generation” was referring to, perhaps the new RDNA 2 architecture, or the Big Navi Big Core, which seems more likely.

The Big Navi has now got a new codename, the Navi 2X, which suggests it will be about twice the size of the current Navi core, hitting the flagship status, and AMD is said to have prepared at least three new cores: Navi 21, Navi 22, and Navi 23.

However, Scott Herkelman also said AMD does not prohibit AIB graphics makers from using turbofan cooling solutions, but players should be aware that they will no longer be the original public version.