Sony’s new patent confirms some features of the Shock Expo 5 gamepad

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is several steps ahead of Sony’s PlayStation 5 in the promotion of next-generation consoles. Thanks to a series of surprising announcements, the two companies have revealed a number of general details last year, but have yet to reveal some of the unique features of the console. Slightly surprised, Sony mentioned the yet-to-be-officially named DualShock 5 gamepad in October. In addition, as the patent documents know, Sony is still mulling some secret features that cover everything thatmedia can find so far.

Sony's new patent confirms some features of the Shock Expo 5 gamepad

Infographic (from LetsGoDigital)

In Wired’s initial report, the yet-to-be-officially named DualShock 5 is said to be equipped with an “adaptive trigger” structure that allows players to apply different pressure gears to enhance the gaming experience such as bow-pulling or shooting.

It is also said that the new handle has haptic feedback, not just simple analog vibration, and has a highly programmable ring actuator on the left and right grip.

Combined with the new dualShock patent unearthed by SegmentNext, it is clear that it contains features that match the prototype sony unveiled last fall.

The invention focuses on the control methods of the vibratory device, including the steps to receive instructions, the vibration control steps, feedback by correcting the contents of the vibration instructions received, and allowing the user to determine the correction.

Sony's new patent confirms some features of the Shock Expo 5 gamepad

Wired notes that “the ring actuator is highly programmable” and that the new patent seems to have confirmed this, and that users can set the required level of feedback based on actual needs.

Obviously, the DualShock 5 handle remembers the different levels of feedback for each game. For the player, this is obviously a happy thing.

In contrast, the DualShock 4 handle does not support custom trigger resistance and haptic feedback. It is not known whether Microsoft’s Xbox Series X supports the same features.