It’s cool: Swiss company launches new electric bubble car Microlino 2.0

Iso Isetta is one of the classic models that appeared in the 20th century, according tomedia. Because it looks a bit like a bubble, it didn’t take long for it to have the nickname “Bubble Car.” Now thanks to Micro Mobility in Switzerland, it is preparing to return. Back in 2016, the company revealed it was developing a new electric version of the bubble car, and microlino 2.0 debuted wednesday local time.

It's cool: Swiss company launches new electric bubble car Microlino 2.0

The latest prototype was built on the first version of the Microlino prototype, which was significantly improved by the company’s team. The Swiss company says it has even abandoned Microlino’s core structure. At first, the car was a tubular structure, but now the new car uses pressed steel and aluminum components to enhance the quality and safety of the car.

To accommodate independent suspension, the rear axle is 50% wider, and the car features a new permanent magnet motor that brings more power and increases efficiency by 15%. The new battery pack gives Microlino 2.0 124 miles of range.

In addition, the steering wheel and seats have been redesigned, and the dashboard is naturally up to the digital pace. The screen now displays all the information. Because of the Swiss company’s long history in the small motorcycle space, it has added a fan-favorite feature, the aluminum strip of the dashboard reminiscent of a similar feature of the Micro Mobility scooter, on which drivers can plug in smartphones, Bluetooth speakers or other electronics.

As the company continues to prepare to produce electric running sports cars, its prices will remain stable. Those who book a car will pay about $13,500 when the car is ready for delivery. It is reported that consumers should be able to the first Microlino 2.0 next year.