AMD hints PS5 and Xbox Series X won’t be delayed due to outbreak

With the coVID-19 outbreak of the new corona virus spreading in many places around the world, many are worried that the technology and gaming industries will be hit hard. Even friends who want to play games at home are not afraid that Sony PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox One Series won’t arrive in time for 2020. The good news is that, with some clues, even as factory production and transportation have suffered a short-term stagnation, the release of the two next-generation hosts is still moving in an orderly fashion.

AMD hints PS5 and Xbox Series X won't be delayed due to outbreak

Rick Bergman, executive vice president of AMD’s graphics division, is expected to share a slide during Thursday’s Financial Analyst Day speech, suggesting that the PS5 and Xbox Series X will still be ready for the 2020 holiday release.

The two consoles to be released this year are crucial to AMD, as both Sony and Microsoft have chosen the company’s custom chip solutions.

In a recent blog post, Microsoft revealed many details about Xbox Series X. For example, as the most powerful Microsoft game console ever, it uses AMD’s latest Zen 2 CPU plus RDNA 2 GPU architecture.

AMD hints PS5 and Xbox Series X won't be delayed due to outbreak

“Next-generation PlayStation chose a custom chip solution based on AMD III Ryzen,” Mark Cerny, PS’s chief system architect, also said in an interview with Wired in April last year.

The CPU is a 7nm process-based Zen 2 octa-core processor, and the GPU section is also a ray-tracing-enabled Radeon Navi custom core that simulates the propagation of light and complex interactions in 3D environments.

Even though the global spread of the COVID-19 outbreak is unclear, AMD clearly believes Sony and Microsoft will be able to officially release next-generation consoles by the end of 2020. By then, the biggest question is perhaps whether your own capacity is sufficient.