Wen Ziren new film plan official announcement will join Universal to develop monster movies

With the success of Universal’s new version of Invisible Man, Universal’s monster universe continues. Recently,media reported that the director Wen Ziren, known as a horror film and commercial great- will also join Universal’s big plan, he will participate as a producer in the film of a monster theme.

Wen Ziren new film plan official announcement will join Universal to develop monster movies


It is understood that the film will be “back window horror” story mode to unfold. The story focuses on a group of teenagers. They inadvertently found their neighbor “making” a monster in their basement, but unfortunately the monster ran away. It’s clear that the film has a Frankenstein element, and it has a consistent style of Hollywood blockbusters. Robbie Thompson, the screenwriter of Forces of Evil, is currently writing the script. Although Wen Ziren will not direct the film, but he joined the global monster universe, is enough to excite.

Universal’s Monster Universe program is also slowly expanding, with “Invisible Man” director Ray Werner signing a two-year first priority partnership with Blumhouse. Blumhouse, on the other hand, will continue to develop Universal’s Monster Universe movie program. If the plan goes through, Universal may be able to build the entire monster universe with the help of Atransparent Man’ sales. It’s worth noting that Ray Werner is a college friend of Wen Ziren, and the two have collaborated on several thrillers, including Saw Saw Horror, Dead and Hidden. He’s a veteran of horror movies. As a famous figure in the history of film, The Story of Transparent has always been universal’s fist product. Universal is reportedly launching a new strategy to create the “dark universe.” They have further relaxed the restrictions on the director, the film’s style, the story’s direction, the budget, and even the actor’s consideration, giving the director more autonomy, hoping to salvage the whole “dark universe”. On the surface, these films are still horror films, and can self-sufficiently form a universe, but each film is independent of each other, the degree of penetration of each other is not so profound.

At present, the global monster universe is green and yellow. The planned sequels to “The Science Freak,” “The Bride of the Science Freaks” and “The New Mummy” are still in the air.