age of empire 2 remake will be available on November 14th

Microsoft announced today that  Age of Empire 2: Definitive  Edition will go on sale on November 14 (Steam  is released on November 15). Compared with the previous selling price, the price has a certain fluctuation, the current price of 100 yuan, the bundle price of 128 yuan, has been pre-purchased players are not affected.

《帝国时代2》重制版将于11月14日推出 之前曾有一波涨价操作《帝国时代2》重制版将于11月14日推出 之前曾有一波涨价操作

Judging by the release, age of Empire 2: The Ultimate Edition, 4K’s ultra-high-quality painting, supports the Chinese, which will go on sale this fall. Officially, “age of Empire  2: The Ultimate Edition” brings 4K ultra-high-quality, as well as new remake of the soundtrack, along with three new campaigns and four new civilizations: The Last Khan.

The Age of The Empire series is a series of computer games developed by Full Idea and released by Microsoft Game Studios. The series is a historic instant strategy game. The first version of the series was “Age of Empires” in 1997. Since then, seven versions and three branches have been launched.

Age of Empires is an instant strategy game that spans 10,000 years. The game is divided into “random map” and “campaign mode” two parts.

《帝国时代2》重制版将于11月14日推出 之前曾有一波涨价操作《帝国时代2》重制版将于11月14日推出 之前曾有一波涨价操作

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