Microsoft warns Windows 10 about bugs or blocks driver updates

Windows Update provides convenient security maintenance and software upgrades for Microsoft products, including the Windows 10 operating system, but a newly exposed bug can prevent the system from successfully installing driver updates. Typically, drivers released through Windows Update are quality certified and well-used on customer devices, but that doesn’t mean that the channel always pushes the latest repair updates.

Microsoft warns Windows 10 about bugs or blocks driver updates

Infographic (from: Microsoft)

In some cases, users need to use custom drivers more than the version sp), which is provided by Windows Update. To do this, Windows 10 also allows users to manually install device drivers on their devices.

Unfortunately, while the drive installation function works, a bug that has recently been confirmed by Microsoft may prevent the user from deploying.

Microsoft says the ‘memory integrity’ setting can prevent drivers from loading and cause potentially unexpected behavior during installation.

With that in mind, the company warns that if you choose to continue using your device but can’t handle driver-related issues, it’s possible to find that some of the supported features are no longer working and the consequences are not as serious.

It is reported that this issue affects major versions of Windows 10. To avoid this embarrassment temporarily, try closing the settings in your Windows security application.

(1) Click on the ‘Start’ menu and go to ‘Settings’;

(2) Click ‘Update and Security’ to open Windows Security Center;

(3) Find ‘device security’ in the ‘Security Center’;

(4) Under the ‘kernel isolation’ project, turn off the ‘memory integrity’ function;

(5) If the setting is in effect, lightly reboot the system.

In addition, Microsoft also recommends that users search for other drivers through places such as Windows Update or the manufacturer’s website.

In related news, the company recently launched a new WIndows 10 optional update experience that allows users to choose driver updates that actually take their medicine.

For example, users can ignore specific updates to printers, mice, keyboards, graphics, storage, and non-security patches.