Google Internal Mail Exposed Executives Encourage Employees to Respond positively to New Crown Virus

Alphabet executives have cheered employees on encouraging them to actively maintain Google’s global business during the new corona virus outbreak. “The company is actively responding, but it’s important to remember that millions of people and companies around the world still rely on us,” Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat said in an internal letter to employees. “

Google Internal Mail Exposed Executives Encourage Employees to Respond positively to New Crown Virus

Executives such as Mr. Potander and Sundar Pichai, the company’s chief executive, have sent several emails to employees last week reminding them to be on the lookout while not forgetting to encourage them. The email said the outbreak was a “disturbing” event that, to some extent, affected the company’s offices around the world.

At the same time, companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft have canceled important events, such as Facebook F8 and Google I/O Developer’s Conference, while restricting employee travel. However, most companies have yet to disclose how the outbreak will affect their operations or employee morale.

The executives’ communications also reflect Google’s belief that it should demonstrate its ability and responsibility in the global economy affected by the outbreak, and work to mobilize large-scale businesses.

One of the challenges is to prevent the spread of false information on corporate platforms. This week, for example,media found that Google was still showing similar content despite a policy banning ads for anti-viral products.

On Thursday, San Francisco confirmed two patients for the first time, leading big companies such as Google to recommend that employees work from home. California’s governor also declared a state of emergency the day before.

“Important Moments”

Alphabet’s chief executive, Sandor Pichai, sent an email to all staff on Friday admitting that a Zurich employee had been diagnosed with the new coronavirus last week. Despite the fear, the email sits on the urgency of hoping and keeping Google running.

“We know that the situation is very disturbing for everyone at the moment,” Pichai wrote in an e-mail titled “Take Care of Each Other,” “First of all, our hearts are with anyone in the world who may be infected with the virus, especially our colleagues in Zurich, and wish them good health.” “

The company’s security and “emergency” teams are managing a 24-hour command center to help executives monitor the status of the situation in real time and coordinate across the company, Mr. Pichai said. Mr Pichai said the company had “launched a number of workflows to prepare for how the virus affects the well-being of our communities.” “

“It is important that we continue to fulfill our mission to help people during these turbulent times,” Pichai wrote in an email. “

He also points out that companies can help people connect and collaborate across time zones. Google’s top products include Google Cloud, Google Docs and Gmail.

“You may often hear me talk about helping in big and small moments, ” Pichai said. ” He thanked employees for “working hard during these difficult times,” adding that “now is a good time to learn from each other and draw strength from our community.” “

New job guidance

The company informed employees Thursday that all employees in the Bay Area could start working from home from Friday “if conditions permit.” Alphabet has several offices and thousands of employees in the Bay Area. The company also said it wanted to test the company’s “business continuity process” by working remotely.

“Given the high spread of the new coronavirus, everyone should be ready to work from home at all times,” Mr. Borat wrote in an email to employees on Monday. “

Lorraine Twohill, Google’s chief marketing officer, sent a letter to all employees on Thursday informing employees to cancel local events unless “critical business” and attendees were local. She added that the team’s off-site and training activities were non-critical activities.

Toshir also tells employees to avoid large or global third-party events if not necessary. “We will reduce the on-site involvement of third-party events,” she said.

Pichai also noted in an earlier email that the company was still considering whether to cancel the event later this year. Executives have also carefully crafted detailed travel restrictions.

All travelers from countries with severe outbreaks must be self-segregated for 14 days before entering any office and keep an eye on their health, Pollat said. All visitors also need to prove that they have not traveled to areas with severe outbreaks in the past 14 days.

Referring to the suggestion that employees stay at home with a little discomfort, Paulat said: “We don’t recommend that employees ‘hard-stop’ to work.” She says the company has an internal channel to report symptoms, called “go/report-It,” “which is the best thing we can do for you.” “

“Every Google office is more or less affected”

On Monday morning, Borat sent an e-mail to employees entitled “Important updates to the new corona virus.” In the email, she mentioned that “every Google office is more or less affected.”

She said a team of Google-led experts with extensive experience in crisis response was meeting With Google’s global incident response team Monday night to discuss how to deal with the impact of the rapidly growing outbreak. “It’s a challenging time,” Pollat said, “but it’s also a time for each and every one of us to contribute.” “

Mr. Pollat said Google’s job is to ensure that users are provided with “timely and accurate information” about the new coronavirus outbreak and that businesses are provided with tools to work remotely. The company is also in contact with international and regional organizations such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Borat said the company has set up a new internal channel called Go/Coronavirus for real-time updates of information for employees to view. She explained that sending an email to all employees every time something new happened was “unrealistic and unfeasible.”

At the same time, some Google contractors say they don’t receive all of Google’s internal communications about the new corona virus, as are full-time employees. As of Last May, Google reportedly employed at least 121,000 contractors. At the time, the company had more contract workers than full-time employees.

For example, mail exchanges between some contractors show that some contractors say they have not received the necessary travel information from Google. One of the contractors involved said she only learned the details of the travel restrictions when she asked her supervisor after a full-time employee forwarded a message to her.

A Google spokesman said contractors can view all relevant information through the in-house messaging center they have access to, and emails sent to all employees, in addition to being sent to full-time employees, are also sent to contractors. The company is also actively working with recruitment partners to ensure that they communicate relevant information to contractors.

Google also confirmed that it will pay all hourly workers in full during this special period, even if a large number of employees work remotely.