GitLab director suspected of resigning over company ban on hiring of Chinese and Russians

Candice Ciresi, GitLab’s Director of Risk and Global Compliance, is suspected of resigning over GitLab’s ban on hiring Chinese and Russians. It comes after GitLab issued a statement on its official website banning the hiring of Chinese and Russians. The updated recruitment process states:

GitLab does not offer offers to Chinese/Russian citizens

Employees who have access to customer data cannot now move to China or Russia


Candice Ciresi, Gitlab’s director of risk and global compliance, recently resigned due to dissatisfaction with the company’s decision, according to Business Insider, and Candice said in a discussion of The Decision on GitLab: “I believe GitLab. I have resigned because of the discrimination and retaliation That i am engaged in. (shown above)

However, Gitlab deleted the comment, and its comments were emailed to GitLab users who subscribed to this particular discussion. GitLab later explained: “Partly because of Ciresi’s comments, we did decide to review this post because there were already personal and physical threats to GitLab employees in this issue stream.” ”


Users who claim to be Candice Ciresi posted about it on Reddit for details:

GitLab’s Director of Risk and Global Compliance resigns from gitlab

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