Developer tries graphing calculator to run Windows 10 IoT

As part of Microsoft’s cross-platform strategy, many developers are also interested in the implementation of the Windows 10 IoT operating system. Recently, for example, a user named Sunshine Biscuit at scale (@imbushuo showed on Twitter how to run Windows 10 IoT on an HP Prime Calculator.

开发者尝试图形计算器上运行Windows 10 IoT

(Instagram via Windows Latest)

Windows 10 is currently available in nine separate versions, from Pro, Home and Enterprise to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The latter is intended for small or non-screen smart devices, but @imbushuo has not yet been able to achieve a complete Windows Shell experience on the HP Prime graphing calculator.

开发者尝试图形计算器上运行Windows 10 IoT

Even so, you can still run the Universal Windows App (UWP) and background processes on it, and devices like Glas Thermostat and Raspberry Pi use IoT Core.

@imbushuo states: “The first boot has an error, with some pre-OS bugs attached (not yet exiting the UEFI boot service).

开发者尝试图形计算器上运行Windows 10 IoT

Because the screen was so small, he couldn’t see exactly what the error code was. Later, however, he managed to access the boot Manager and Windows 10 boot UI.

开发者尝试图形计算器上运行Windows 10 IoT

It is not clear how he installed Windows 10 on a calculator with only 256MB of RAM. If all goes well, @imbushuo should share more details in the coming days.

It’s worth noting that a hacker has previously tried to install a full version of the Windows 10 operating system on Windows Phone and One Plus 6 smartphones.

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