Microsoft Marketplace Update will no longer show apps and games that cannot run on ARM devices

Applications and games on the Microsoft Store do not necessarily run on Windows 10 on ARM devices, according to foreign media reports. Many developers need to recompile or update the apps they develop to run on ARM devices like Surface Pro X. The update slotr this week will significantly reduce the number of apps that are not compatible with Windows 10 ARM devices.

This update is 11911.1001.8.0.


Before the update, apps like Affinity Photo and Broforce appeared in search results and in the Microsoft Marketplace, but they could not be installed in Windows 10 on ARM devices. Some apps and games have not been recompiled for ARM64 and cannot be installed in Windows 10 on ARM devices. Currently, the Marketplace does not display these incompatible apps and games. Users will neither be searched nor will they discover the existence of this part of the app and game while browsing the Microsoft Marketplace.


However, there are still some games in the upgrade process “sneaky” out of the mall continue to appear, the reason behind this is likely that they have Game Pass features, such as “Guacamelle!” 2 will appear in the search (but not in the browse). However, it appears that users can remotely install games on other systems in the Microsoft Marketplace.

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