Microsoft Flight Simulation is now open for Tech Alpha 2 registration

In late October, Microsoft updated its roadmap for the upcoming flight simulation game to give players an idea of what’s going to be going on in the coming months. At the time, it was reported that the recruitment process for the Tech Alpha 2 phase would begin in late November. But now it seems That Microsoft has made a change. Interested players can now submit a registration application for Tech Alpha 2.

《微软飞行模拟》现已开放Tech Alpha 2注册

(Instagram via Neowin)

Microsoft also announced the release dates of the third and fourth episodes of the Feature Discovery Series, which delved deeper into some of the components of Microsoft Flight Simulation.

Episode 3 will arrive on November 21, with a focus on aerodynamics. Episode 4 will arrive on November 28, with a focus on the cockpit of the aircraft.

While Microsoft may have more plans for the future of the series, it appears to be ready by the end of the month, as far as the information is known.

《微软飞行模拟》现已开放Tech Alpha 2注册

Interested friends can sign up to become Insider testers for Microsoft Flight Simulation before they have the opportunity to participate in Tech Alpha 2.

Finally, Microsoft’s flight simulation team will reveal some pretty exciting news during the X019 conference on November 14-16. Speculation is related to the Xbox version of the game, but it’s not so sure yet.

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