Malaysia low-key commemoration of MH370 sixth anniversary Former transport minister: compensation will be higher than expected

“Good night, Malaysia Airlines 370. “In the early hours of March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, carrying 239 people, took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and lost its connection less than an hour later. Six years on, the pilot’s bad night was still in his ear, but the flight remained silent. On Saturday (7th), the Marriott Hotel in Putrajaya, Malaysia, celebrated the sixth anniversary of the crash of flight MH370.

Malaysia low-key commemoration of MH370 sixth anniversary Former transport minister: compensation will be higher than expected

According to China News Agency, affected by the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, this year’s commemoration was held indoors, and did not invite the public to participate, only some of the victims’ families and invited guests attended.

Several families of those who were unable to attend the event were voiced via video link at the memorial, which featured two cardboard slots featuring 239 stars, each with the name of a passenger killed.

According to Reuters and Malaysia’s Star, the families of the victims also held up star-shaped placards that read “Not over, don’t forget,” “Continue the search,” “Don’t give up, “be sure to find” and other slogans.

Since the crash of flight MH370, the plane has been unaccounted for, with only a few pieces of debris suspected to be mh.370. The debris was also on display at the meeting.

The search for the flight was completed in May 2018. In July of that year, the Malaysian government released an 822-page investigation report that said it could not determine the true cause of the flight failure, and at the end of November, the original investigation team for the MH370 incident was formally disbanded and the investigation handed over to the Malaysian Aircraft Accident Investigation Agency.

The downing of flight MH370 is the biggest mystery in modern aviation history, with former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott last month claiming a “captain’s suicide murder” but there is no evidence to support it.

Professor Mohamad Hariton, a flight expert at Kuala Lumpur University, told THE News Agency that any resumption of the search must be based on reliable new leads that have so far not existed, According to

“We have to develop a search strategy, not indulge (emotionally) and engage in futile searches,” he said. “

Malaysia’s former transport minister Lu Zhaofu, who was invited to attend the commemoration on July 7, said he was willing to help the families of the victims to continue to fight for compensation.

Malaysia low-key commemoration of MH370 sixth anniversary Former transport minister: compensation will be higher than expected

Malaysia’s former transport minister Lu Zhaofu Source: Star

Lu Zhaofu said that after years of efforts, with the victims’ families on the compensation package negotiations have been reached during his term of office, the relevant documents will be submitted at the February 26 cabinet meeting, but has not yet presented the government on the “replacement”, has become his “biggest regret.”

Mr Lu said that although he was no longer a minister, he would not be discouraged and would meet with the new transport minister as soon as the new cabinet was formed to try to implement the compensation package. He added that “the amount of compensation that was finally agreed upon is higher than was accepted by the family at an early date.” “

According to the Montreal Convention, the families of the victims must pay 100,000 SDRs (about $135,000, or 960,000 yuan) for the families of the victims after a plane crash.

Earlier, according to family feedback, in 2015, Malaysia Airlines had proposed 225,000 U.S. dollars (about 1.56 million yuan) compensation amount, causing widespread discontent. In 2017, some family members in the “book of the public” with Ma Hang, has filed more than 10 million to 70 million yuan compensation claims.

What the family wants most, however, is still information about the fate of the flight. Mr Lu said he was well aware of the family’s feelings and assured them that they would not be forgotten. He said there was no end to the matter unless the airliner was found.

Lu Zhaofu called on the family to be strong, do not give up, if there is a need to contact the Ministry of Transport, he can help arrange. “I can only listen to you now, understand what you are going to convey to the government, and hope you can feel comfort,” he said. “