Apple Watch 6th Generation Watch Or Blood Oxygen Monitoring

The “Apple Watch Series 6”, the sixth-generation Apple smartwatch, will be added to the blood oxygen monitoring function, according to a message frommedia appleinsider. In fact, blood oxygen monitoring hardware has been in the Apple Watch since the first generation, and Apple has never singled out that data as a key feature, but the sixth generation may change that this fall.

Apple Watch 6th Generation Watch Or Blood Oxygen Monitoring

If a person’s blood oxygen level is below the healthy level, that is, the arterial oxygen content is less than 90%-100%, it can lead to heart health problems, or even cardiac arrest. This feature of the Apple Watch is designed for this purpose, and the next generation of watches may push low blood oxygen notifications.

It comes after Fitbit, another health bracelet/watch maker, introduced a software update in January that allows some of its smartwatches to track blood oxygen levels.

According tomedia 9to5Mac, the technology could emerge in the future, while upgrading the ECG eCG electrocardiogram feature.

In fact, starting with the Apple Watch Series 4, users can take electrocardiogram measurements from a digital crown. However, this feature is not 100% perfect and if the heart rate is too high, it will return uncertain results. The rumored 6th-generation watch will allow electrocardiogram examination on a larger scale.

But blood oxygen monitoring and electrocardiogram functions need FDA approval in the U.S. because they fall under the medical device category, which has so far been available to only some national users since it went live. So whether they can be used depends not only on Apple’s speed of development, but also on the approval of local authorities.

Over the past few years, the Apple Watch has repeatedly predicted people’s heart disease and pre-announced it, which has allowed it to save people’s lives several times. Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, has also made it clear that more “preventive medical technology” is being developed.