Gates criticizes U.S. ‘paranoia’ at China while defending Huawei: Objective tests should be conducted

“To conclude that everything from China is bad … It’s crazy idea” – it comes from Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation. According to the Nikkei Asia Review reported on the 8th, the United States New York Times held on the 6th of this month, “the transaction record conference”, Gates criticized the U.S. government for China’s “paranoia”, that the United States should be China-based technology to carry out “objective testing”, “if so suspicious, What about the code written by someone whose grandmother or great-grandmother was Chinese? Is there any software you can trust in this world? He also said it was “unrealistic” for the US to try to block Chinese technological innovation.

According to the New York Times website, the “Trade Fair” is designed to “bring together outstanding innovative thinkers and business leaders to explore the most valuable topics of the day.” Gates defended Huawei at the meeting, saying that “as with all goods and services, Huawei should be subject to objective testing” and that “all Chinese products that think entering the U.S. market are bad, or that everything from the United States, such as aircraft engines and software, is bad, and it’s crazy,” the Nikkei Asian Review reported Wednesday. Gates believes the U.S. and China should use their own innovative technologies to allow the two countries to depend on each other rather than move on to each other.

When Microsoft’s Windows products were questioned for security, Gates said, Microsoft provided the source code for Windows to the government, who began using Microsoft’s products with confidence after inspections. He said Huawei could also take the same approach. When the event host said the Trump administration was unlikely to use it as a way to address security concerns about China, Gates replied: “Anyone with technical expertise would think so,” according to the Nikkei Asia Review. The day before the event, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said again that the US must buy 5G network equipment from trusted suppliers and that Huawei was “untrustworthy”.

“Trust is mutual, ” says Mr Gates. “If the US doesn’t trust Chinese equipment, why should China trust US-made aircraft engines? In theory, the engine could be shut down remotely. The Nikkei Asia Review says US “distrust” of Chinese technology is spreading and Chinese-born engineers are being hit. In May, the American Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) banned fellows who “interact” with Huawei from peer reviews, and the association rescinded the decision days later. In June, the U.S. State Department cut the visa period for Chinese students studying aviation, robotics and advanced manufacturing from five to one year. Gates asked on the 6th: “If so suspicious, then those by their grandmother or great-grandmother is Chinese people write the code?” Is there any software you can trust in this world? To be honest, some foreign-born people are seriously writing software. You should take objective measures. “

盖茨批评美国对华“妄想症”  同时为华为辩护:应进行客观测试

Some American politicians have done everything they can to discredit China and Chinese companies. U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo visited Germany on July 7 and 8 to attend the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, but took the opportunity to criticize China and pressure Germany on Huawei. He said on the 7th that Germany’s telecommunications network construction has become complicated by the challenges posed by the Communist Party of China. Earlier, Pompeo told the media that we should ensure that countries around the world understand the risks associated with the Chinese Communist Party and the consequences of our long-standing tolerance of this.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Wednesday that The Pompeii attack smears China’s political system, plays the so-called China threat, is full of ideological bias and cold war zero-sum game thinking. Pompeo has severed the Chinese and the Communist Party of China in an attempt to provoke relations between the Chinese and the Communist Party. “It is important to note that Pompeo’s statements are dangerous and seriously inconsistent with his status as Secretary of State, and fully expose his sinister intentions to seek personal political capital through anti-China efforts. “

According to Reuters reported on the 7th, the White House chief science and technology adviser Claxios said in a speech at the World Network Summit held in Portugal that Europe must “stand with the United States”, he also criticized those who china’s 5G network and artificial intelligence technology “open arms.” Comments said European companies did not appear to be deterred by Washington’s concerns, with Huawei saying last month that half of the 65 commercial deals it had signed were 5G networks with European customers. In a recent report, EU lawmakers also explicitly avoided listing China and Huawei as security risks.

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