Domestic Model 3 “de-matching” storm continues Tesla will upgrade chips for all owners free of charge

Recently, there are car owners on the network exposed their own domestic Model 3 car computer using older chips. However, as the storm continued to escalate and the “minus door” wave extended to the imported Model 3, Tesla decided to offer a “fully autonomous computer” upgrade to both new and existing owners.

On March 7, Tesla said on its official website that all vehicles equipped with “auto-assisted driver’s computer” version 2.0 or 2.5 and have purchased “fullself autonomous driving capability” software can be upgraded to version 3.0 of the “fully autonomous driving computer” for free.

At the same time, Tesla said it would notify owners to upgrade their “fully autonomous computers” to service centers in batches, depending on the area and hardware configuration of the vehicles, and gradually open up the self-service online booking feature.

Now, Tesla’s official website shows that North America has opened “chip upgrade” booking service, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region will open in early March and early April, which also means that car owners in China can upgrade the car chip to version 3.0 in early April.

Auto-assisted driving is known to be one of Tesla’s biggest selling points. The more updated HW3.0 chip is 21 times the performance of the HW2.5 in terms of computing, and the HW3.0 chip is at the heart of Tesla’s fully autonomous driving process for traffic light recognition.

But on March 3rd, Tesla’s official microblog tweeted “Notes on the Issue of the Chinese-made Model 3 EIA List”, saying that Tesla’s Shanghai Super plant resumed production on February 10th, during which part of the standard battery-renewed Model 3 was installed hW2.5 based on supply chain conditions. This means that Tesla has defaulted to some of the domestic Model 3 models that do have a “de-matching” problem.

In response to the “simplified” incident, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded on Twitter that all Model 3s with fSD options (i.e. fullautopilot capability packages) are fitted with HW3.0 hardware, rather than FSD Models 3, use HW2.5 version of hardware or HW3.0 version of hardware.

He also said that the owners of those who responded to the questions did not actually order the FSD option( the fully autonomous driving capability package). Some car owners don’t know that the new chip is free to upgrade, even if they order an FSD option.