US SMS provider: The number of text messages that should have been sent on Valentine’s Day but delayed may be higher than expected

Syniverse was responsible for tens of thousands of text messages sent by mistake in the United States early Thursday morning, according to foreign media. But now the company says it sent more text messages by mistake than they initially thought. At first, Syniverse said 168,149 messages had been delayed, but now it says the figure is based on preliminary data, with further reviews showing that the number of text messages was higher than originally reported.

Syniverse, however, did not say how much the figure might be higher, or whether it would release the final figure once the total was calculated. It is worth remembering that the total number of people affected is at least twice as long as the delayed message: on the one hand, the sender, whosends the message until a strange night a few months later, and the recipient, who receives strange, some even disturbing, messages late at night.

According to Syniverse, the issue has now been resolved. William Hurley, Syniverse’s head of marketing and products, said: “We apologise to all those affected. He also said the company was reviewing its procedures to ensure it did not happen again.

According to Syniverse, all delayed messages were sent due to server problems. On Valentine’s Day 2019, a server that had not yet been sent was stored on it. The server was only back online on November 7, when previously stranded text was eventually sent out.

The delayed message caused widespread confusion among users. In the United States, most of these stranded messages are sent out in the middle of the night, and because there is no indication that they are stranded, recipients are often confused about what they are reading. In other cases, the arrival of information goes beyond confusion or horror: some of them have received text messages from their predecessors, or in several cases, some users have received messages from people who have died.


It is understood that mobile operators rely on many third-party companies, such as Syniverse, which is why all large communications operators and even smaller operators are experiencing this problem.

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